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    Chapter 462 – Magical Beasts Blocking The Road whole slow

    “It’s typical because most people traveling this highway daily, and awesome beasts come here to locate food. This is exactly why n.o.human body dares traveling without guards unless they’re a formidable cultivator.” Xiao Hua said to her.

    “The trail is free of charge again.” Yu Rou thought to the dumbfounded carriage person.

    “Well… It’s the only offensive technique We have then i work with it all the time, making it possible for me to perfect it very fast.” Yu Rou said.

    Not surprisingly, Yu Rou went outside to keep up it once more.

    “Eh? How come you wanting to know me…?” She easily set about fl.you.s.tering.

    She then went on the front with the carriage and handled the audience of dark wolves that has a courageous term on the face.

    One time she went back into the carriage, Yu Rou rubbed her nostrils inside a prideful method and said, “Do you observe that, sibling? I actually have picked up far better with the procedure.”

    “I hope we don’t run into any bandits… I’m already overloaded from the enchanting beasts.” Yu Rou sighed.

    In the meantime, Yuan got his go turned into seem beyond the windowpane. Cycling in the carriage sensed like people were biking a slow auto that had been also quite b.you.mpy, nevertheless there seemed to be a specific difference that produced driving a carriage much more satisfying.

    She then went towards the entry from the carriage and approached the audience of darkish wolves using a courageous manifestation on the experience.

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    “T-T-Many thanks for your attempts, prestigious fairy!” The operator endured up and bowed to her inside a respectful process after witnessing her effortlessly wipe out 12 enchanting beasts.


    Sometime later on, Yu Rou expected, “Buddy, what have you ever two been accomplishing lately? Do you find yourself doing fine life by yourselves?”

    The carriage motorist was astonished as he found this, because he was can not comprehend the arena before him. In the vision, the magical beasts blocking the road had been getting slaughtered by an hidden push.

    Immediately after hurting the mystical beasts within a attack, Yu Rou employed wind flow cutting blades once again to wash in the road.

    At some point down the road, the carriage ended once more.

    “The path cost nothing yet again.” Yu Rou said to the dumbfounded carriage motorist.

    Once he to be found them, he retrieved his imperceptible Starry Abyss and handled it to completely clean out the wonderful beasts without stepping from the carriage.

    “Without a doubt, I am certain. We now have manufactured enough hard earned cash by reselling in-sport things. Whenever we require more, we are able to promote much more items.” Yuan reported.


    “Sure, I discovered it very obviously. You possess definitely got a lot tougher, particularly with that approach.” Yuan reported with a laugh on his deal with.

    “Are you currently certain? The hire is simply not inexpensive there basically if i should be honest with you…”

    “It’s fine. I will take care of the enchanting beasts now.”

    “Sibling, I merely discovered this, but when did hair develop so long? I don’t imagine my hair is continuing to grow since I began playing…” Yu Rou suddenly questioned him.

    After the carriage still left the metropolis, the operator spoke inside of a deafening sound, “We should get to Orange Lands in three many hours once we don’t get assaulted by crazy awesome beasts.”

    “It’s frequent because many people take a trip this path on a daily basis, and mystical beasts can come here to get foodstuff. This is why n.o.physique dares to travel without any guards unless they’re a formidable cultivator.” Xiao Hua thought to her.

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    “It’s fine. I will handle the mystical beasts now.”

    Yuan stimulated his Divine Sensation and improved it until he could observe the wonderful beasts.

    They had been all between the level of 3rd stage and 5th stage Mindset Apprentice. It absolutely was practically nothing Yu Rou couldn’t take care of for a Soul Warrior even if these were inside a team.

    [Breeze Rotor blades!]

    “Exactly why are there a great number of mystical beasts hindering the highway? Can it be always this way? It’s like they’re carrying this out on objective merely to wreck with us!” Yu Rou was setting out to get sick of them immediately after halting for those 10th time.

    Some time after, the carriage stopped once more.

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    “Oh, I ate a prize that regrew my locks and managed to get longer. Feng Feng and Xiao Hua stated it appeared decent, thus i made a decision to let it sit this way,” he was quoted saying.

    “It’s alright. I will handle the wonderful beasts now.”

    “It’s ok. I will take care of the marvelous beasts now.”

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    “Oh yeah, I consumed a value that regrew my hair and made it for a longer period. Feng Feng and Xiao Hua stated it searched fantastic, then i chose to let it sit such as this,” he said.

    About an hour or so after, the carriage arrived at an abrupt cease, along with the vehicle driver shouted, “Prestigious company! There’s a pack of dim wolves stopping the road ahead of time!”

    “The trail is free yet again.” Yu Rou said to the dumbfounded carriage drivers.

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