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    If you’re an avid golfer, it can be difficult to determine the ideal time to buy a new set of clubs. The excitement of new clubs is undoubtedly very high. However the marketing department of the manufacturer’s department is unable to determine if you should purchase an additional set every season. That, we can assure you, is not essential. It is essential to consider the age of your set and the impact they have on your game.

    A golfer who is low handicap may benefit from an iron set that’s new when you’re experiencing a loss in speed or distance. You might notice a difference in your game if you’re not a low handicap player and you are continually working to improve your game. An evaluation by a professional of your swing can be best if you bring your irons to an appropriate shop. They’ll give you tips as to the way your current clubs are working for you , and whether you need to buy a new set that could be a big difference. Discover More Here can feel and see the difference between your current club and a brand new one in their simulator.

    New clubs can enhance your game, but constantly taking out “next year’s model” is sure to wreak an adversity on your consistency. Two local pros have agreed that fitting is the most important element to consider when deciding if you need to replace your set.

    The Reasons Your Clubs Aren’t Fit anymore

    Don Berry, PGA professional at Edinburgh USA Golf Club, Brooklyn Park, says, “When they don�t fit you and you feel like your options are being taken away from you because you haven’t changed.”

    Christopher Foley, director of instruction at Cragun’s Legacy Courses in Brainerd Cragun’s Legacy Courses in Brainerd, is on board.

    “The major reason to consider new clubs is to get clubs that fit properly to help optimize performance and keep up with technological advances,” he says. “New clubs are more difficult to find and last longer.”

    Clubs that have been damaged

    Sometimes, you need to replace your club due to of injuries. I broke my 8-iron steel-shafted due to a tree root hitting it. The new shaft was made of graphite, and even though it’s not perfect, it’s much cheaper than buying a new set. But, the pros advise against this.

    Foley states that an iron set should not contain a single replacement iron, except if the iron is replaced with a longer iron such as a 3 or 4-iron, or a high-loft fairway or wedge club. “Within the irons you should have the same clubs to ensure that you have proper gapping and the clubs have the same shafts and lie angles.”

    Berry acknowledges that mixing a set isn’t a good idea, but if it must be done, he recommends sending all the clubs to a golf store to have their lofts and lies examined, and perhaps replace the shafts if the weight isn’t quite right.

    Berry states “The main thing to remember here is to choose the best clubs that you are able to.” “I remember hearing a story that after Bobby Jones retired he had several clubs. Then, someone looked over all the specifications and they were all perfectly compatible with each other. Therefore, he clearly chose the clubs that he felt hit the best regardless of the make and model.”

    Get Your Club(s) Fitted

    When you have decided to buy new clubs, any professional golfer would suggest having your club fitted by an expert is vital — and getting fitted for irons is different from for metal woods.

    “When purchasing new clubs the most important thing to do is to undergo a club fitting,” Foley says. The fitting process for driver, wedges, and irons involves several different components. To maximize distance, the shaft and loft are crucial. The length and shaft flex, the shaft angle, as well as the materials of the irons are important factors. When selecting wedges, think about the number of wedges you own as well as their lofts for the appropriate gapping, and bounce angles.

    Berry is also a contributor to another perspective:

    Metal woods are built to cover the most distances, while wedges and irons are designed to cover the distance. The driver and 3-wood must be able to go as far as possible, but that’s not necessarily the case for a 6-iron. That’s the reason why most top players use graphite shafts in their woods, and steel shafts are used in their irons.”

    So, when do you start to acquire new clubs? You may decide it is time for you to rid yourself of the previous “Billy Beroo” as well as other clubs.

    The Best Time to Buy

    Okay, so you’ve decided it’s time to buy new clubs. What is the best time to purchase the clubs? The most obvious answer is that it’s the holidays. Like almost everything else, the best time to purchase clubs is in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Once you’ve decided on the clubs you wish to purchase, you can start looking for the best holiday discounts and specials.

    The spring season is a good season to buy clubs. This is the perfect time to buy an older model at low cost if don’t want the latest and greatest. When the new models are on shelves at the start of the golf season, you can begin shopping for last years models and wait until the cost decreases. You can purchase a new and exciting set of golf clubs for a only a fraction of the cost.

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