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    Chapter 507 – Communication coherent seed


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    Su Ping didn’t stop. He had to provoke it, make it hunt him downward making sure that his plan works.

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    Having said that, he prefered to be strong with beasts. From the Heavenly King’s perception, hitting the Longjiang Foundation Location was only a method to obtain meal. What was the main difference between eating individuals and ingesting wild beasts? Su Ping can find other methods in order to meet the Perfect King’s appet.i.te.


    “Funny individual.”

    Thunder Prison!

    Su Ping bellowed. He burned up each one of his strength as he dashed toward the outer wall. He hoped he possessed over two legs.

    As quickly as he could!

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    The Incredible Emperor had stopped assaulting him.

    “You puny people are just as laughable as always. You begin to beg on the slightest track down of wish,” that sound claimed, arrogantly.

    A column of super bolts sprang out on top of the Heavenly Master. That lightning line got cras.h.i.+ng down, changing into numerous unique mounting bolts of super


    Instantly, Su Ping listened to an indifferent, odd, and hoa.r.s.e sound within his intellect.

    Su Ping was stunned. That beam arrived too quickly. He was barely ready to dodge in time, despite the Pv Bulwark as well as the Eyes of Thunder!

    Was it the Otherworld Divine Emperor? At this time, Su Ping couldn’t bring to mind other beings that had the ability to communicate instantly to his thoughts.

    That sound acquired just admitted simply being the Otherworld Divine Emperor.


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    The next phase was to operate!

    Out of the blue, the Perfect King’s blood stream-reddish eye modified colors. Alerted, Su Ping divided into two and dashed to two different ends.

    Possessing Nothing

    “Funny individual.”

    He would have to be usually the one facing the Incredible Ruler.


    The Inferno Dragon was at the 7th-ranking position, although its deal with energy was with the Ocean State. However, it could not endure an opportunity against a Incredible Ruler. On the flip side, he can safeguard himself with the aid of the dragon king’s treasures.

    Considering the fact that conversation was over the desk, Su Ping’s wish was rekindled. “Are the Otherworld Perfect California king? Exactly why are you attacking us? Are you able to avoid? I can provide you with something else as payment.”


    Chapter 507 Correspondence

    “If you need meals, I will take you somewhere else and you can now consume everything you want. I could give you with stacks of monster kings or another type you would like!” Su Ping continued, “Trust me, regardless of what option that is, it’ll be much a lot easier and much better than having a killing spree listed here.”

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Since correspondence was around the dining room table, Su Ping’s expect was rekindled. “Are you the Otherworld Divine Ruler? Exactly why are you assaulting us? Will you end? I can give you something else as salary.”

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    A beam of darker pigmented light penetrated Su Ping, however the image was dispersed.

    The Incredible Master had discontinued attacking him.

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