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    Many canine owners are concerned with the contents of the foodstuff their pets eat. We worry about whether specialty foods are a ripoff, whether supermarket brands are very providing nutrition, and whether table scraps are okay. One question many owners have is whether or not we should feed high High Meat Content Dog Food. Here’s a take a look at some of the things people believe about pets and protein, and just what the reality is. There are numerous things that the majority of us just have no idea.

    Contrary to what many people think, high protein pet food won’t hurt your puppy, whether you use a young, active dog, a whole new puppy, or perhaps an aging dog with changing nutritional needs. High protein diets for dogs don’t cause kidney problems or bone trouble, and will actually be a big help. Protein is your building block for lean muscle mass, and will assist in improving your pet’s coat and skin. Dogs with kidney problems should conserve a moderate protein diet, not a low protein one, and most dogs do not get enough, significantly less eating more protein compared to what they really need.

    Your dog that’s not getting the protein levels their diet should offer can have a lot of problems, ranging from immune issues to raised stress levels. In reality, picking a food that provides plenty of protein is an important part of staying out from the vet’s office. Make sure to pick a food that isn’t overly high in calcium or fat (calcium for large breed puppies should be at two % or less). A couple of high protein dog foods have up to twenty percent of these calories from fat – a great choice for active dogs, but a bad one for sedentary pets.

    If your dog really likes the food you currently feed, i am not saying you can’t improve his / her protein intake. Just start adding fresh produce that are full of protein, like cottage cheese, bone in canned fish such as mackerel, yogurt, eggs, meats and much more. A high carb diet might be causing health and behavior problems, and the solution is remarkably simple – just raise the protein.

    Be sure you take care that which you feed certain animals. It’s important not to over feed large or giant breed puppies, to keep them from straining their bones and joints. Puppies that grow too quickly can have some real health conditions. Prevent this by avoiding supplements and don’t feed your dog what an adult dog would eat.

    Senior dogs tend to be the recipients of low protein pet food, which can actually make them fatter. High carbohydrate foods can encourage dogs too eat an excessive amount of in order to get certain nutrients. Instead of high carb, low protein food, consider feeding your overweight or senior dog a moderate fat, reduced carb, high protein dog food. It could produce a huge alteration of your pet!

    I’m a Professional Dog Groomer and possess been so for over 15 years. In that time I have seen countless instances of dogs eating discount dog food or one from the brands the truth is endlessly in the media commercials. More often than not these are the dogs that have dry, itchy skin, locations,lethargy, and/or ear infections, for starters problems that I encounter.

    I have to offer you a free 10 part mini course that can answer a number of your questions about what you are, and really should be, feeding your pet to insure ultimate health!!

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