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    Vinhomes Vu Yen real estate project is considered the enthusiastic product of VinGroup in Hai Phong city. Promising to get powerful purchase waves into Hai Phong real estate industry in the arriving time. So, what is outstanding about Vinhomes Vu Yen Hai Phong?


    The place of Vinhomes Vu Yen Hai Phong project is on 4 sides dealing with the river. The South and West borders the Camera River, the North borders the Roo Lon River, the Eastern boundaries the Bach Dang Stream. Guarantees a whole new clean air throughout the year.

    Situated in the middle of the newest ecological project sophisticated of Hai Phong metropolis. Each of the most outstanding and prominent services and facilities created right here is going to be in the range of use of the project.

    General style project Vinhomes Vu Yen Hai Phong

    Vinhomes Vu Yen Hai Phong project was created inside aluxurious and trendy, and different style, with exclusive functions and rare course.

    Vinhomes Vu Yen Hai Phong comes with a “awful” energy method that converges several “exceptional” elements that initial showed up on the domestic real estate market. Getting claims of the suitable life, an exceptional eco-tourist location, an advanced enjoyment heart and outstanding establishments worldwide.

    Certainly Vinhomes Vu Yen would be the ideal and perfect destination for an ideal and gratifying daily life for all those proprietors wanting to settle and live down in Hai Phong.

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