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    Novel – Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

    Chapter 2977 – Chapter 51 – Zero Wing’s Outer Member smiling birthday

    So highly-priced Galaxy Prior was flabbergasted when he observed this list of things accessible for change.

    Initially, the standard response tester the Academy possessed would just have evaluations of Standard, Intermediate, Enhanced, Fantastic, and excellent.

    Ancient G.o.ds Bloodstream?! Am I dreaming?!

    Currently, even well-informed Concealed Spirit was amazed and baffled via the strand of Historic G.o.ds Blood vessels before her.

    Nevertheless, following getting funds injections from several enterprises, the Academy experienced released a sophisticated response tester for the sophisticated exercising hall. The tester was established into the criteria from the a variety of superpowers, as well as tester similarly possessed five review positions: B-position, A-get ranking, S-ranking, SS-position, and SSS-rate.

    Currently, there was one task around the job listing, knowning that would be to guide gamers. They could collect 500,000 points as long as they will help an designated gamer arrive at the Refinement Kingdom, 2,000,000 tips for approaching the Going H2o Realm, and 5,000,000 details for hitting the Void Realm.

    The other product listed was the Ancient G.o.ds Our blood. It cost ten million issues to switch. If converted to Coins, it was an level that will require a top rated-level initially-price Guild such as Superstar Alliance a lot of a chance to trade. Whilst it was still incredibly pricey, it was subsequently much less unachievable in comparison to the Holy Annihilation Process.

    This thing, no, this Old G.o.ds Blood flow Immediately after struggling to stand up yet again, Undetectable Soul expected s.h.i.+ Feng, Can Zero Wings outside members trade correctly?

    Mhm. That Instructor s.h.i.+ once was the Dark areas Guild Chief, but he was ignored thanks to some is important. I dont determine what he was quoted saying to College student Wu Lingling, but she adamantly insists on obtaining taught by him Luo Tiancheng hastily replied, his physique shuddering involuntarily when subjected to the sterling silver-haired women frosty gaze. Even so, he did not have the smallest tiny bit irritated even when confronted with the gold-haired young girls rude questioning. Quite the opposite, he behaved respectfully before her. It had been very true following he noticed the result displayed on the enhanced response tester.

    G.o.ds Site Academy, sophisticated instruction hall:

    Kim Oh: Real Dangerous Ride

    That will not be a concern. Ill maintain my cloak on constantly, Secret Spirit answered without doubt. Can I start now, then?

    Having said that, accomplishing a B-get ranked analysis during the superior response tester was even more difficult than obtaining a Perfect evaluation on the fundamental result tester. The enhanced impulse testers assessment requirements have been so rigid that even some Refinement World industry experts could only credit score an A-rate examination, that has been also Wu Xiaoxiaos greatest credit score earlier.

    That is perfect. s.h.i.+ Feng nodded. Nonetheless, you ought to retain almost everything about yourself a solution from these people. All you need to do is teach them.

    Ability to hear Hidden Souls query, Galaxy Former, who stayed resorting to lies on the floor, perked up his ear in fascination. In fact, hed be lying if he explained he wasnt considering receiving an Legendary Mana Human body. In any other case, he wouldnt have deserted his first level and triumphs to reactivate his progress on the Miniature Historic Environment.

    That is correct. s.h.i.+ Feng nodded. Having said that, you need to maintain all the things about yourself a mystery from these people. All you have to do is instruct them.

    Acceptable. Since you intend to become a member of, heres the contract, s.h.i.+ Feng said, nodding while he pa.s.sed the Secret Plan he made beforehand to Secret Soul. Then, he turned to Galaxy Earlier and carried on, Simply because you asked a Site Realm expert this time, you can expect to obtain 50,000 Absolutely nothing Wing Things and the other additional invites port.

    The very first thing was Seven Luminaries Crystals, something which all forces in G.o.ds Domain name wanted. One particular product of Seven Luminaries Crystal could be traded for five,000 details. In Coins, that was the actual sector amount for Seven Luminaries Crystals. Only, n.o.system would buy and sell 1 system of Seven Luminaries Crystal for 5,000 Coins.

    Other than responsibilities, truly the only other means of obtaining factors was exchanging in merchandise. At the moment, there are only three goods they are able to swap for issues.

    Currently, No Wing made available three providers being an alliance. The very first assistance was the trade of No Wing Factors for items. Another services was the acquisition of factors through jobs. Your third services was the acquisition of tips through item exchanges. As figuring out and dealing with factors was a relatively easy process, s.h.i.+ Feng could let it rest for the motels NPC receptionist, Blakeana.

    Nevertheless, just after getting a cash shot from a variety of enterprises, the Academy got presented a professional reaction tester into the advanced education hall. The tester was fixed into the principles in the various superpowers, along with the tester similarly got five review ranks: B-position, A-get ranking, S-rank, SS-rate, and SSS-ranking.

    When compared to Galaxy Past, Hidden Heart and soul got a more in depth info system in G.o.ds Site. Hence, she recognized there had been just a few Ancient G.o.ds valuables that was located in the recent G.o.ds Area. She also recognized the ident.i.ty of the objects, but none was as important when the Historic G.o.ds Blood vessels. Even just in one other G.o.ds Internet domain names she visited, she had never read about anything at all much like the Ancient G.o.ds Blood.

    Currently, there were merely one activity over the activity collection, and this ended up being to guidebook participants. They might be given 500,000 points if they might help an hired participant get to the Refinement World, 2,000,000 points for reaching the Sweeping Normal water Realm, and 5,000,000 issues for approaching the Void Realm.

    Do You advise them in G.o.ds Website? Disguised . Heart and soul questioned another query.

    Indeed, s.h.i.+ Feng reported, smiling as he found Concealed Souls attention toward the original G.o.ds Blood. Have you been enthusiastic about subscribing to Zero Wing now?

    Yet still, following abandoning the Academy for training for a while, Wu Xiaoxiao was now ready to achieve an S-get ranking review! It was actually simply amazing!

    Aside from duties, truly the only other procedure for buying tips was trading in items. At present, there had been only three objects they could exchange for factors.

    The very first piece was Seven Luminaries Crystals, a thing that all strengths in G.o.ds Area needed. 1 item of Seven Luminaries Crystal could be traded for five,000 factors. In Coins, which has been the actual current market level for Seven Luminaries Crystals. Only, n.o.entire body would industry one particular item of Seven Luminaries Crystal for 5,000 Coins.

    It needs to be well-known that s.h.i.+ Fengs up-to-date body in real life was horrible. The condition of his brain was also dragged down thanks to his terrible figure. In the overcome of natural skill, he can be no match for Hidden Spirit whatsoever. Thus, if he could bring in Secret Heart and soul into Zero Wing, itd support him tremendously.

    Now, there seemed to be just one activity for the process listing, and also that ended up being to guidebook participants. They could obtain 500,000 factors once they may help an designated player make it to the Refinement Realm, 2,000,000 factors for achieving the Moving Standard water Kingdom, and 5,000,000 details for attaining the Void Kingdom.

    Hearing Invisible Souls concern, Galaxy Previous, who continued to be lying on the surface, perked up his ear in fascination. In the end, hed be resorting to lies if he was quoted saying he wasnt interested in receiving an Legendary Mana Body system. Usually, he wouldnt have abandoned his genuine levels and results to restart his improvement in the Little Early Entire world.

    Originally, s.h.i.+ Feng had arranged to train his college students himself. Nonetheless, he simply had too lots of things to do seeing that he acquired just founded Absolutely no Wing. Not forgetting, he obtained just gathered a Area Realm pro like Invisible Heart and soul. Itd be a significant waste not to make correct application of her expertise.

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    Despite the fact that s.h.i.+ Feng didnt know why Concealed Spirit would suddenly turn into a former commander in the Rose of Seven Sins with this living, itd certainly be a big losses if he permit her to slide beyond his understand. All things considered, not alone was Secret Heart and soul a Area World specialist, but she was even a person who experienced already used the next step from the Domain World. Even when she wasnt as strong as she was in her preceding lifestyle, she could still be considered to be an initial-level G.o.d-placed specialist in the Greater G.o.ds Area.

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