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    What Is Physiotherapy?

    A physiotherapist is a practitioner of physical therapy that treats injury, illness, or deformity by using techniques other than drugs and surgery. A physiotherapist assists people suffering from injury, illness or disability through manual therapy, exercise and education as well as advice.

    A key aspect of physiotherapy, is its holistic approach to wellness and treatment. clinic focuses on all aspects of the person including their lifestyle, health, and general well-being.

    Physiotherapy aims to make individuals as independent and involved as possible in the society.

    Common Physiotherapy Techniques

    The majority of techniques used in physiotherapy are hands-on, designed to manipulate, mobilize, and massage the tissues in the body. It helps to reduce pain, stiffness, improve blood circulation, encourage movement and relaxation. Some examples of such techniques are:

    Massages to stimulate your soft tissues

    Stretching, myofascial relaxation and other soft tissue techniques are some examples.

    Joint mobilization and manipul are techniques that use the gliding motion of the joint to increase function and control.

    The handcrafted instrument used in physiotherapy instrument mobilisation (PIM).

    Minimal energy technologies (METs) use muscle’s natural energy to relax and extend the muscles. patient is done through either reciprocal or autogenic inhibition.

    Osteopathy (acupuncture) and kinesiology

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