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    Deevynovel Unrivaled Medicine God – Chapter 2388 – Shallow Foundation woozy hat read-p3

    Novel – Unrivaled Medicine God – Unrivaled Medicine God

    Chapter 2388 – Shallow Foundation copper wriggle

    This Alchemy Hall was Lord Witchcloud’s painstaking energy. Each one also built great efforts for the sake of resisting the divine competition.

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    This Alchemy Hallway was Lord Witchcloud’s painstaking work. Every one of them also designed wonderful initiatives for the sake of fighting off the divine race.

    Witchcloud has also been very confused, but he still claimed, “Just do as Little Friend Ji affirms.”


    He was still very assured regarding the Alchemy Hall’s toughness.

    “Lord Chief Tutor really doesn’t actually feel backache when standing upright and communicating with no responsibilities. Alchemy Dao is the process of acc.u.mulating day in and trip. How can attempting to boost it be this easy?”

    Even Witchcloud could not possibly fully understand everyone’s pros and cons.

    Improving capsules together with each other, what could he discern?


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    The minute Yang Xiong heard, his respiratory system also erupted in frustration.

    The instant Yang Xiong observed, his respiratory system also exploded in anger.

    Witchcloud’s heart shook a little, this person needed to see many people’s product refinement through heart and soul push?

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    Instructing disciples almost everything will make the become an expert in starve to dying.

    However in the your eyes of true pros, his supplement refinement could be reported to be full of weaknesses, particularly in the latter half the approach.

    There are at least one thousand alchemists existing, they had been every one of the Alchemy Hall’s elites.

    He was still very certain regarding the Alchemy Hall’s toughness.

    Ye Yuan nodded his brain and claimed, “Okay, then I’ll say them individually.”

    Witchcloud was very confused, but he still said, “Just do as Fresh Close friend Ji says.”

    The facial looks of countless elders have been rather clumsy, but at this point, they had absolutely nothing to say.

    “Together? This … This is also also sloppy, perfect?” Yang Xiong explained doubtfully.

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    “Young Pal Ji, can this Alchemy Hall of my own still get into your arcane places?” Witchcloud found Ye Yuan take out his heart and soul force and said using a slight laugh.

    It turned out just that, it turned out still not strong enough

    These alchemists in the Alchemy Hallway, he expended huge time and effort to train them.

    Ye Yuan’s words immediately brought about a powerful backlash.

    Therefore, thousands of people highly refined drugs at the same time. The scene was really a great sight.

    These alchemists during the Alchemy Hall, he expended incredible hard work to coach them.

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    Witchcloud’s expression choked up. Hearing this meaning, it was actually so-so!

    1 simply had to know, the Alchemy Hall was actually the human race’s alchemy path’s biggest location. Was this other still unsatisfied?

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    In the eye area of genuine specialists, his tablet refinement could be reported to be stuffed with faults, particularly the latter half of the task.

    With all of these a lot of people, even he did not know, but Ye Yuan saw it.

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    Why never Lord Chief Instructor focus on how this old man’s basic foundation is shallow?” Yang Xiong said having a cold smile.

    Ye Yuan just let out a sigh and said, “Senior Witchcloud, do you need me to share with the truth?”

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