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    Chapter 831 – I Will Protect You From Now On! penitent funny

    Thankfully, she hadn’t mentioned the “adult game” nevertheless. Otherwise, she will be over.

    Everybody was consumed aback. They appreciated experiencing Ying Ying located on the golf swing using that girl branded Ting Ting when she was just brought into this world.

    ‘Would Sibling Hesha detect?’

    Seeing the perplexed Ying Ying, Lue Xi needed out another lollipop. She tore from the wrapper and given it to Ying Ying. “Don’t eat the stay inside of! Lick it!”

    ‘Just what managed he do completely wrong?’ He was almost defeated to fatality.

    The girls expanded nervous. They were so fixed on punis.h.i.+ng Lu Ze which they didn’t observe Ying Ying left behind the surrounding.

    The girls matured anxious. People were so set up on punis.h.i.+ng Lu Ze they will didn’t see Ying Ying left the surrounding.

    Lue Xi’s skin area crawled. She observed this sweet-searching young girl didn’t are considered an ordinary person…

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    Ying Ying considered the lollipop Lue Xi handed in excess of and discovered Lue Xi. Both the had a staring challenge once more.

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    ‘Just what performed he do improper?’ He was almost beaten to death.

    Lue Xi smiled shyly. “h.e.l.lo, Sister Jing.”

    Lue Xi smiled shyly. “h.e.l.lo, Sibling Jing.”

    The women expanded troubled. People were so set on punis.h.i.+ng Lu Ze they will didn’t observe Ying Ying remaining the area.

    The Human Race’s power was above they had anticipated.

    “—What are you investigating, Ying Ying?”

    The insectoids came out way too instantly. There have been still demise and economic damage to manage.

    Nangong Jing nodded. “Mhm, you’re really nice.”

    The group nodded and quickly eventually left the surrounding. They examined the complete location with their cognitive drive and very quickly looked strangely each and every other.

    At this time, Lin Ling required, “Where is Ying Ying?”

    The group nodded and quickly left the area. They examined your entire spot because of their psychological power and soon searched strangely at each other.

    Lu Ze checked out Ying Ying and required, “How numerous insectoids exist left behind within the Federation?”

    Lu Ze investigated Ying Ying and expected, “How several insectoids will there be left on the Federation?”

    Lue Xi smiled. “Yes, it’s very delicious!”

    She served Ying Ying to get across the swing.

    A Persons Race’s ability was in excess of they had expected.

    The group sensed relieved. They had taken out their gadgets and considered this news.

    Ying Ying’s eye glowed a light blue lighting. She then claimed, “There are none of them left behind inside, but it is possible to some within the edge.”

    The audience felt happy. They took out their systems and viewed news reports.

    Lu Ze checked out Ying Ying and required, “How many insectoids exist remaining inside the Federation?”

    The group sensed reduced. They had taken out their gadgets and looked over the news.

    Ying Ying nodded and brought Lue Xi a thumbs-up. “Friend! I will secure you against now on!”

    Ying Ying usually didn’t like to check out external. She just stayed around the bed furniture seeing cartoons.

    This gal offered her foods. She was definitely a great particular person! Lue Xi noticed dazed, but she still nodded finally. “Oh…”

    “—What do you find yourself taking a look at, Ying Ying?”

    This young lady gifted her meals. She was definitely an effective individual! Lue Xi sensed dazed, but she still nodded in the long run. “Oh…”

    Lu Ze viewed Ying Ying and requested, “How many insectoids are there left behind in the Federation?”

    Everybody was taken aback. They remembered finding Ying Ying sitting on the golf swing with this female branded Ting Ting when she was only brought into this world.

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