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    As low as $69 USD per night, Shilla Stay offers a cozy 5-star hotel experience for those who want to be close to everything the city skyline offers. You will feel at home at the Shilla Hotel because it is located so centrally. The rooms are ideal to relax and the food is fantastic. Shilla has an on-site gym and there are a lot of other amenities…[Read more]

  • Sizes and rentals of apartments are a reflection of the cost of the unit as well as the space available in the apartment. The more costly an apartment is, the larger it is. For instance an 2.5 bedroom apartment will typically cost more than a three-bedroom house. A larger apartment can permit a higher-priced guest and will have more security…[Read more]

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    Seoul’s officetel is different from a traditional apartment building. Rather, it is like a small, two-story building that houses multiple businesses. Some of these businesses are restaurants, art studios, or movie production studios. The facility has a partly self-contained feature that allows tenants to make use of the facilities in the…[Read more]

  • The typical apartment buildings consists of apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and so on. There are many variations in their size and number of units. They also vary in floor areas (e.g. living room, bedroom and kitchen) and other amenities. We’ll be covering both the basics and their variants of various types of apartment buildings. We’ll look…[Read more]

  • Hotels are classified according the length of stay, prestige and amenities they provide. Boutique hotels are generally located in the premium market. These establishments offer top quality services, as well as chic decor and contemporary furnishings. These hotels are targeted at executives and business travelers. They also offer special packages…[Read more]

  • Most visitors would rather live in hostels that are close to the airport, shopping malls , and other popular tourist destinations. There are also hostels or hotels in the vicinity of major tourist spots. In English, these are called “love hotels” or “sightseeing motels”. Central Seoul has several of the most lavish Seoul hotels.

    The most…[Read more]

  • The effect of competition on profitability is an important issue for the owners of small or medium-sized hotels. Profitability is affected by new competition that might not be as financially secure as their larger counterparts. Being competitive with your competitors by offering price reductions or less floor space could lead to lower profits. It…[Read more]

  • Apartment living is quite a new term for a number folks, however for those folks who’ve been in the know, we know what this means. Apartment buildings will be also described as apartments, row houses, condos, lofts, buildings, or town houses. The term apartment stems from the range of rooms they have. A studio-sized apartment has got the exact…[Read more]

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