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    Chapter 154 Dragon Temple Treasure Key dog theory

    A couple of just a few seconds in the future, the truly amazing Just one blinked, causing the beam to go away.

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    The Truly Amazing One particular then said, “Very well… The farewell, youthful genius…”

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    “Why, you may well ask? It’s all due to you!” Elder Xuan sighed out loud after securing the entrance.

    Yuan nodded and explained, “Don’t get worried, I’ll definitely try to consider the best you once I get to the top heavens.”

    «You have gathered ‘Dragon Temple Jewel Key’»

    The Good 1 started its eye extensively, and a wonderful ray pierced Yuan’s mind your next moment.

    «7,451,000,000/19,691,520,000 Qi»

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    [Traveling Daggers]

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    «7,451,000,000/19,691,520,000 Qi»

    [Rank: Mortal]

    A few moments down the road, they came to some different constructing inside the Interior Court and joined the construction.

    “N-9th Levels Nature Warrior?!” Yuan was speechless after understanding that he’d suddenly gained 4 cultivation levels without doing everything.

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    Into the tower, Yuan was flooded with notices after performing the challenge by defeating 100,000 enchanting beasts.

    “So you’ve finally conquered all 100,000 wonderful beasts, huh… I realized it would’ve transpired at some time, having said that i would’ve never even imagined that you’d clear the trial with your lessen. Congratulations are in order, you have get to be the first particular person to totally clear the Dragon Test, and since claimed, I shall bestow you the important for any treasure room now…”

    «Congratulations, you might have slain an absolute of 100,000 monsters»

    And also to his surprise, almost like Elder Xuan acquired observed his sigh, Yuan could see Elder Xuan position while watching tower and staring at him through an intensive gaze.

    “W-What’s taking, Senior citizen Xuan? Why do we have to function like we’re becoming chased by monsters?” Yuan required him afterward.

    «You have gathered ‘Dragon Temple Jewel Key’»

    «Congratulations! One has pa.s.sed the 100th floorboards of ‘Carp Jumping Over Dragon’s Gate’ in Dragon trouble, removing the trial offer!»

    “One more thing… I’m certain that you already have been explained to about it with the other ‘me’, but I’d love to repeat it all over again. I wish for you in order to meet the actual ‘me’ inside the uppr heavens. For those who find the Legacy inside the Dragon Temple and get the best ‘me’, you’ll be provided with riches and treasures that normal people today cannot even continue to imagine.”

    «Your understanding for Flying Daggers has gotten to a whole new level»

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    [Rate: Mortal]

    “W-What’s going on, Older person Xuan? Why did we have to run like we’re remaining chased by monsters?” Yuan inquired him after.

    «You have gathered the t.i.tle ‘Elite Beast Slayer’»

    Now even when they have the Dietary supplement of Concealment, he would still be for the second degree of the Mindset Warrior world, which is pretty attention-obtaining for any simple External Judge disciple!

    “Why, you ask? It’s all as a consequence of you!” Elder Xuan sighed out loud after sealing the entrance.

    «You have absorbed enough Qi for your breakthrough»

    [Piloting Daggers]

    «You have secured the t.i.tle ‘Dragon Warrior’»

    A number of a few moments later on, Yuan disappeared out of the 100th floor and reappeared in the very first surface once again, feeling just like anything that’d just occurred was simply a desire.

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    Humanity’s Gain from Unbelief

    Now even if they have the Capsule of Concealment, he would certainly be on the secondly measure of the Mindset Warrior realm, which happens to be pretty focus-obtaining to get a sheer Exterior The courtroom disciple!

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