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    Creative Impact Agency (Rovella) announced today it was being honored for Outstanding Use of Online Media (advertising, PR and Media) at the 24th annual Webby Awards. The company was recognized for the innovation it used to reach an extremely broad audience – one that traditional campaigns could not normally achieve. The campaign generated significant interest from Ad Age, Adweek and other top industry leaders for its unique approach to capturing the attention of viewers. Here are the results of this year’s awards:

    o Creative Impact Agency was honored for Best Overall Use of Online Media at the Webby Awards. This was a particularly fitting honor considering that CIBA is one of the largest advertising agencies in the world. In fact, it is considered one of the top agencies in the world. This was a truly impressive feat considering that most creative impact agencies are small or mid-sized. It is simply impressive to know that a major agency like CIBA was able to leverage its size to win the award.

    o Creative Impact Agency was honored for Outstanding Use of Online Media in its Overall Creative category. This was a major award considering that CIBA prides itself on its creative impact. The firm has come a long way since its founding in 1985, and this honor is a true indicator of its dedication to its clients’ visions. For winning this prestigious award, CIBA is in fact showing a commitment to innovation and growth.

    o Creative Impact Agency was honored for Outstanding Use of Online Media in its Marketing Planning & Research category. The research arm of CIBA specializes in Internet marketing strategies and creative ideas. The firm is actually one of the first international Internet marketing firms to develop a global website that caters to every age group. The site is intended for anyone who wants to use the Internet as a marketing and customer service tool.

    o Creative Impact Agency was honored for Outstanding Use of Social Media in its Overall Creative category. One of CIBA’s strengths is that it understands the importance of social media – both as a platform to share information and as a force to attract and retain customers and clients. The creative arm of the agency uses social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to engage customers and clients in real time. In addition, the firm also uses blogs, video marketing, and interactive web pages for online marketing. As a result, CIBA knows how to market online using social media.

    o Creative Impact Agency was honored for Outstanding Use of Search Engine Optimization in its Overall Creative category. SEO is an important and often overlooked marketing tool that can have a significant impact on the success of a business. For this reason, it is essential for any firm to ensure that its strategy is effective and relevant to the product or service that it is offering. For this reason, CIBA uses Google AdWords, which ranks website according to a variety of criteria, including keyword popularity and traffic. This ensures that they are ranked based on true consumer intent – not just keywords that are popular with marketers or with search engines.

    o Creative Impact Agency was honored for Outstanding Achievement in its Marketing category for developing the web site MySpace. MySpace is one of the most popular online destinations for teenagers and young adults. The web site is a social networking tool that is not only highly engaging, but also provides options for users to connect with other like-minded individuals. It is a popular social bookmarking site that allows users to create and share links and photos with fellow community members. Through the creative efforts of CIBA, MySpace has developed into a dynamic portal that not only connects consumers with businesses, but also provides them with the tools they need to engage with their friends and loved ones.

    Marketing has become an increasingly complex and competitive endeavor for businesses of all sizes. The creative efforts of a creative impact agency can play a key role in helping to increase marketing effectiveness and marketability for a business. They can also help to ensure the success of a marketing campaign by engaging and influencing consumers and the media. By combining traditional marketing strategies with innovative marketing strategies, a creative agency can provide a wide range of services to help a business improve the growth and profitability of its marketing efforts.

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