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    A lot of people speak about buying foreclosures whenever they take into account the investment opportunities in the current market, however, many are thinking of it only as a possible opportunity to buy undervalued real estate to turn around and then sell on it at a higher price. But there is another real-estate investment option that sometimes goes under the radar. It’s the rental market.

    What do foreclosures have to do with rentals? his explanation , actually, based on one San Jose property management company. But let’s narrow it as a result of two major points here: Purchase price and rental price.

    Foreclosures affect purchase prices

    First, foreclosures get a new tariff of homes, which affects a purchase potential of the homes. If you can’t obtain a property at below rate, you will have hard time maintaining an optimistic earnings around the property as income property. The idea behind income property investing would be to build up a portfolio of properties that produce an optimistic earnings, adding cash for your net profit every month. Properties that do not make this happen are known as “alligators” and may eat your balance sheet for lunch.

    Foreclosures affect rental prices

    Second, foreclosures modify the rental market dramatically by putting former homeowners out into marketplace to generate demand for rental properties. When there are a higher quantity of potential renters when compared to the amount of available properties to rent, the price will almost certainly either rise or remain stable. This can help ensure a well balanced cashflow for an investment property.

    These factors combine to produce a powerful affect on earnings for smart investors. When properties are acquired for any portfolio at below market prices and set under professional property management to hold costs down and cash flow high, investors will definitely get a higher ROI.

    Because of the affect foreclosures also have on these two real estate investment factors (price and rental price ) savvy investors are coming out from the woodwork to sign up within the foreclosure investment opportunities that abound. In fact, few rental markets in the country are suffering, which is because more people than previously are now being made to rent.

    One Colorado Springs property management firm is saying that vacancy rates have decreased significantly really over 2009 rates. This is good news for real-estate investors who are enthusiastic about purchasing Colorado Springs rentals because the market is wanting to correct itself from the peak experienced in 2006.

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